DUI/Drug Possession/Criminal Defense*

For a first offense, Brittany is usually able to obtain a deferred sentence as part of a plea agreement.  This type of agreement means that you are placed on probation, while your sentencing date is set off to some other time in the future.  If you successfully complete the requirements of your probation (generally including community service, drug/alcohol assessments, etc.), then on the date set for sentencing you for your guilty plea, the State moves to dismiss the charge against you.  Since the case is dismissed, you are spared from a conviction.  (However, new laws passed in recent years may allow your deferred sentence to count as a prior conviction if you are arrested for the same offense a second time).

Civil Rights*

In 2008, Brittany represented two young Oklahoma women who alleged that the Newcastle Police Department had violated their 4th Amendment rights by wrongfully entering a home without a warrant, and then wrongfully arresting the women without probable cause.  Brittany helped the young women by first getting their criminal charges thrown out and then negotiating a settlement of the matter with the City of Newcastle prior to trial in 2009.

See Holderbee and Doughtie v. City of Newcastle, et al. (W.D. Okla. Case No. CIV-08-493-C)

In 2011, Brittany represented ten Oklahoma City area activists who alleged that they had been wrongfully arrested, in violation of their 4th Amendment and 1st Amendment rights, during a protest at the Wal-Mart store in Del City, Oklahoma. The Del City 10 were charged with disturbing the peace.  Brittany helped the Del City 10 reach a settlement with the City of Del City prior to trial of the municipal charges.

News 9 covered the story of the Del City settlement.

*Every case must be evaluated on its own merits, and results in another case should not be considered as typical or instructive as to the results that may be obtained in your own case.


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